Speaking Engagements

Looking for someone to speak at your company safety meeting or motivational event?  Dr. Smith  has exceptional skills and versatility in speaking and presentations.

Dr. Smith doesn’t read bullets from PowerPoint presentations but actively engages audiences with interactive discussions of the topic!  In fact he keeps his presentations as low-tech as possible, preferring to focus on people instead of technology.

He has given presentations on a variety of subjects including the benefits of laser therapy, chiropractic care, workstation ergonomics, family relationships and positive psychology.  He has presented for groups young and old with diverse interests and backgrounds.

“Dr. Smith’s workshop taught me practical and simple tools that I can use to improve relationships with my loved ones, such as understanding the importance of validating others.  His style is fun, dynamic and interactive!”  Alan Lavitt

“Dr. Smith is an excellent presenter.  His knowledge and skills in training and course presentation has more than helped lots of people.  He will influence many more.  He is a MUST!!!”  Kahed Kamauu

“Dr. Smith has great information that everyone can use to improve the communication in their relationships.  I will absolutely start utilizing the information right away.”  Katrina McKenna

Dr. Smith has recently given a workshop to high school students on the topic of positive psychology.  He has also presented an ergonomics talk at an ATCO safety meeting, and spoken at a golf tournament in Delburne hosted by Gilbert Financial.

Dr. Smith presenting to grade 2 students

Every year Dr. Smith builds an igloo in his back yard and invites the grade 2 students from Stettler Elementary on a field trip for a hands-on presentation about building igloos.  His presentations are interactive and engaging, and he has the ability to connect with any audience.  He has taken several training courses on public speaking and presentation, and has honed his ability to communicate quality information in an engaging and entertaining way.


Call today to book Dr. Smith for your next event!  403-742-0037