Are You Afraid of Germs?

We’ve been taught from a very young age to fear germs.  We believe that we must rid our environment completely of germs or we will all get sick.  The problem is that it takes at least three things to cause disease: a germ, a susceptible host, and a favorable environment.  Exposure to the germ alone is not sufficient to cause illness.  If that were actually true then doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners would always be sick!

Imagine that a vacuum salesman is a germ, the vacuum he is selling is a disease, and your house is your body.  If the salesman knocks on your door, you don’t suddenly have a vacuum!  You first have to open the door.  At this point, once you find out who you are dealing with, you can simply send him away, and you still don’t have a vacuum.  But what if you do let him in? Even once he is inside, there is no guarantee that you will actually buy his product.  You may have strong enough defenses to thwart his tactics.  But if you are feeling weak or tired, and say yes to all his carefully crafted questions, you may well find yourself with a vacuum that you didn’t want!

Germs alone don’t cause disease.  They have to get inside our bodies first, and even then, they have to battle through a series of remarkable defenses before they make you sick.

So here is where this  applies to my clinic.  If you have cold or flu symptoms, it may be a good idea to stay home from work to avoid unnecessary spread of the virus, but should you cancel your chiropractic appointment?  Please don’t.  I am not afraid of your germs, and the treatment which I deliver can assist in the speed of your recovery.  I’ve had patients call to cancel their appointment because they weren’t feeling well.  I try to communicate that this is the very reason why they SHOULD come and see me, but sometimes they don’t understand.  Chiropractic care can strengthen your immune system, allowing your body to more easily combat whatever organism is plaguing you.  So if you have the flu or the sniffles, a cough or a fever, that should be MORE reason to come for your adjustment, not less!  Don’t worry about spreading your illness to me – I have a very strong immune system, and by the nature of my job am exposed to thousands of types of germs, yet I rarely get sick.  So unless you are so ill that you literally cannot leave your bed, please keep your appointment, and I’ll do everything I can to get the vacuum salesman out of your house!

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