Arthritis in the Knees

I normally don’t have many aches and pains, and certainly not in my knees, but the last few days have been a different story.  This weekend I spent three long grueling days (with some very helpful friends and family) re-shingling my roof.  I’ve developed some pretty bad knee pain as a result (and back pain, and shoulder pain, and hand pain…).  Half the time was spent tearing off two layers of very old shingles, and the other half was spent installing the new ones.  Since coming down from the roof, I’ve had to think twice about whether to pick something up off the floor, because I know my knees are going to ache all the way down and all the way back up again.  It’s been difficult to perform any significant movements without grunting and groaning.

Fortunately, my pain will be temporary – in  a few more days I will be back to normal again.  But the thousands of people who suffer from more chronic knee arthritis know this as a daily occurrence.  The deep ache is always there, and it often keeps them awake at night.  They have tried anti-inflammatory medication, and ointments and painkillers and home remedies, but nothing seems to give lasting relief.

The best treatment I know of for arthritis in the knees is laser therapy.  I have been using laser therapy in my clinic for over 6 years now, and arthritis in the knees is by far the most common condition that I have treated.  My patients have gotten some phenomenal results with this approach. If you have had knee pain for months or years, it may take a little longer to get results, but almost everyone notices some relief after only 3 or 4 visits.  Most require less than a dozen treatments to get results significant enough to not need treatment again for months or even years.
Here is what one of my patients had to say:

“I have had osteoarthritis for the past 15 years which has been gradually worsening to the point of using canes to walk. Since having laser treatments I have virtually no pain.”
  ~Louise Desjarlais, Erskine

So while you are trying to decide if you want to come in and get your own knees dealt with, I will be treating mine!

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