Back for Life?

“Once I go to a chiropractor do I have to keep going back forever?”

Let’s try a similar question: “If I brush my teeth today, do I have to keep brushing my teeth every day for the rest of my life?”  or “If I have a shower this morning, does that mean I have to have a shower every day for the rest of my life?” Absolutely not.  Brushing your teeth, showering, and going to the chiropractor are all healthy habits that will make you feel good and improve your general health.  Brushing your teeth will prevent tooth decay.  Having a shower will help you to stay clean (and less smelly)! Going to a chiropractor will help to improve your spinal health which includes getting out of immediate pain and strengthening your body to help avoid future pain.  But it doesn’t make sense to do any of these things unless you really want the results they bring.

So here is my opinion: I don’t want you to come back… unless YOU want to come back!  I have many patients who come to see me only two or three times until the pain goes away, and then they leave.  They knew what they wanted, they got it and they left.   But because I gave them what they wanted, I can count on them to come back again when something hurts later on.

There are others who choose to see me on a regular basis even if they are not hurting.  They recognize that when they have fewer areas of tightness and restriction in their spine, they feel better.  After choosing this path, they find that they get sick less often and have more energy.  When they do experience a painful problem, it usually resolves much more quickly.  Because of these benefits, I do recommend regular visits, but ultimately, the choice is always yours.

Chiropractic is not an addictive behavior… and especially not in my clinic!  My goal is to get you out of pain in as few visits as possible and send you on your way.  It is not my intent to persuade you to come back again and again and again if you are not interested in doing so.
Can you live your whole life without chiropractic care?  Probably.  Will you feel better if you do come?  Most likely.  Will anything bad, terrible or dramatic happen to you just because you don’t visit a chiropractor?  Certainly not!

There are millions of people who don’t see a chiropractor at all and they do just fine.  There are also millions of people that don’t brush their teeth or have a shower every day and they also do just fine.  But could all three of these activities be good habits for your health? Of course!

My job is to deliver high quality chiropractic care, and your job is to decide how much of it you want!

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