Birthing Babies

So now you have come to the end of your pregnancy and it is time to deliver your baby.  I have been present for the birth of all five of my daughters (although I was only moments away from missing number five!) And while my wife had a relatively easy process with our babies, some are not so lucky.  Some babies spend a very long time in the birth canal, or even get stuck there and require some intervention to move them along.  Others come quickly with only a couple of pushes, and still others require more invasive intervention by means of a Caesarean section.  But no matter how your baby enters this world, there are lots of opportunities for trauma to their little bodies.  Try to imagine the forces pressing against your baby’s skeleton as they are pushed through the birth canal!  Even a “natural” birth can result in some significant trauma.  Now, this isn’t to say that every baby has problems directly related to birth – however, there certainly is the potential to cause harm.  This is precisely why it’s a great idea to get your newborn checked out by a chiropractor.  If there are small disturbances in your baby’s skeletal and muscular system, they are very easy to correct early on.  In my experience, most newborns need only one or two treatments after the initial exam.  The adjustments are extremely gentle and safe, and a correction soon after birth could potentially avoid much bigger problems later on!

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