Black Friday? Really?

Quick question:  Do you know what Black Friday is?  I’m the first to admit that I only learned about the annual event a couple of years ago.  Black Friday is a retail sales event that takes place the day after American Thanksgiving – which for 2012 was November 22nd.  It is closely comparable to the Canadian retail event surrounding Boxing Day.  This year, for some strange reason, many Canadian retailers were advertising “Black Friday” sales, even though the timing of such a sale is completely irrelevant in this country.  I can’t fault the retail sector for wanting to create a sales event to compete with the American version, particularly in places such as southern Ontario where people surge across the border in hoards to take advantage of sales south of the border.  But what is the relevance of a sale in the third week of November in Alberta?  None.  It doesn’t piggy-back on any of our recognized holidays!  If you have been waiting for me to get to my point – well here it is:  I write my own blog posts with local, relevant content.  I believe that this is important, because if you are one of my patients, you live in east central Alberta as well, and I want to make sure the content I include has something to do with your everyday lives.  I subscribe to several  Chiropractic newsletters across Canada, and I am always disappointed when a clinic in Red Deer, for example, features an article talking  about American health insurance, American Chiropractic Associations, and American Holidays!  This content is produced by someone in the states and purchased by the Canadian clinic to distribute to their own patients.  Maybe this isn’t a big deal to anyone else, but I want local, relevant information.  If I lived in Texas, I would love to know about the Texas Chiropractic Association, but I live in Alberta.

So when you read our blog, or visit our website, or like our facebook page, or subscribe to our newsletter, you will get my perspectives as a Canadian chiropractor, which is hopefully relevant to your own life too!  And speaking of local content:  This Friday evening in Stettler is Moonlight Madness – a downtown late evening shopping experience complete with the lighting of the huge Christmas tree on Main Street.  Come check out the clinic window while you are out, and have a look at the lighted winter village scene complete with working model train.  My three oldest daughters and I spent several hours setting it all up this last weekend.

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