Breech Baby?

Chiropractic care during pregnancy can be of tremendous help to the mother during this often painful time, but did you know that it can help the baby as well?

There is a chiropractic technique which can actually encourage a breech baby to turn in the uterus to the normal head-down position.  This is called the Webster Technique, and unlike the medical procedure called External Cephalic Version (ECV) where a doctor manually repositions the baby through the woman’s abdomen, the chiropractic technique in non-invasive, safe and painless.

The theory is that the baby has not turned because of imbalances or restrictions in the joints of the mother’s pelvis and sacrum or excessive tension in the ligaments holding the uterus.  Therefore, by adjusting the pelvis and sacrum and relaxing the uterine ligaments with gentle pressure, many times the baby will correct its position allowing for a more normal birth.  Of course, no technique, whether medical or chiropractic is 100% successful at turning a breech baby, but the chiropractic Webster technique is very safe and does not have risky complications.  Even if the technique is performed and the baby does not turn, the mother is better off by having reduced tension in the joints and ligaments.  For more information on the Webster Technique, click here
May all your babies arrive head down!

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