Cervicogenic Headache Pain

Headache1In continuation from last week’s discussion of headaches, I’d like to address a particular type of headache today… cervicogenic headache.

If it’s possible to have a favorite kind of headache, this would be mine – because it is the one that usually has the most dramatic and quickest results with chiropractic treatment.

Cervicogenic literally means “originating in the neck”, and is a very apt description of the headaches in this category.  It all starts when the bones, joint and soft tissues in the neck become restricted and inflamed enough to cause irritation on the nearby nerves.  Some of these nerves travel up into the head and end in various places in the skull.  The most common pattern is pain that starts near the base of the skull, then wraps around behind the ear and terminates somewhere behind the eye.

This type of headache often manifests in sharp surges, rather than a constant ache, and is often only on one side of the head, but can be on both sides.  Cervicogenic headaches respond extremely well to chiropractic care because once the joints and muscles of the neck are corrected, the headache subsides.

If you have pain patterns similar to what I have described, it is very likely that the cause of your headache is restriction in your neck.  If so, you are only an adjustment away from relief!


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