My youngest daughter, only minutes old in 2010

The joints of a woman’s pelvis will have to expand more during childbirth than any other time in her life.  It makes sense then that if the joints have been taken care of beforehand and mobility has been encouraged, there will be less difficulty in making that final push (pun intended) through to childbirth.  It is estimated that while 90% of women can have a safe, natural and successful vaginal delivery, the current Alberta statistic for cesarean section is more than 27%.  That means one out of every four babies born in this province are born by c-section.  This is an alarming statistic given the risks and complications involved for both mother and baby.  While there will always be a need for some c-sections to be performed, many can and should be avoided.  Several factors lead to an increase in surgical births: Often they are done because vaginal delivery is attempted, and then at some point during the process it is deemed unsafe for the mother or baby and a c-section is performed.  Other times, this decision is made weeks or even months ahead of time by a doctor who feels it is appropriate, or because a mother chooses it.

Cases of a breech baby that cannot be turned, or emergency scenarios in the delivery room may also necessitate a c-section, but I feel that a significant portion of “failure to progress” vaginal deliveries that turn into c-sections could have been avoided by regular chiropractic care of the mother throughout pregnancy to ensure the flexibility and proper movement of the pelvic joints.  Chiropractic during pregnancy = easier delivery!


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