Election Day!

Illustrations by Justin Mark

Who do you trust?
This is not a political blog, and of course we in Canada do not participate in the US Presidential election, but it is interesting to observe what is happening south of the border.  If you WERE an American and were voting today, what would you base your vote on?  Admittedly politics can be very confusing – with mixed messages coming at you from every side – but if you can sift past all of that, I believe that when we choose a leader, it is ultimately about trust.  Hopefully, your candidate of choice is competent, and has some kind of knowledge as to how to do his job well.  Hopefully, he will listen to the people and do what is best for them.  Hopefully, he has some good philosophies, sound policies, and the courage to do hard things – sometimes even unpopular things – because it is the right thing to do.  But when it really comes down to it, I think most of us end up voting with our gut.  Which candidate do we trust more?  Which one seems like he will follow through with promises and be genuine?

Trust is so important that our lives actually depend upon it.  We trust that the highways we drive on are safe.  We trust that our mechanic fixed our brakes properly.  We trust that the food we buy in the grocery store is not contaminated, that the dentist is drilling the right tooth, and that teachers are delivering quality education to our children.

A relationship with a chiropractor is also hinged on a trust.  This is because the experience of going to a chiropractor is actually quite an intimate one:  You allow him to poke and prod to find out where it hurts.  You allow him to bend and twist your body while he performs and adjustment, and you allow yourself to completely relax as he manipulates the small bones in your neck.  If you did not trust this person, you would not allow him to have such control over your body, no matter how beneficial you think the end result will be.  You couldn’t possibly relax enough to allow the treatment if you had doubts about his skill or competence.

So if trust is so important, how can you develop the confidence to allow someone to correct problem areas of your body?  In my clinic, consultations are always free.  A consultation is an opportunity for you and I to sit down together and get to know each other a little. You can explain what you are looking for and I can explain what I do.  Not only should your chiropractor be good at what he does, but he should be personable, kind and genuinely interested in YOU.  Some chiropractors will just be the wrong fit for you, whether it is a personality clash or just not someone you enjoy being around.  Naturally people are fearful of new experiences and suspicious of unknown territory, and that is why I invite you to come have a chat with me.  If you are considering chiropractic care and want to know if my clinic is a good fit for you – let’s talk about it!

Presidents, Mechanics, Chiropractors.  It’s always about TRUST.

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