Don’t fall this Fall!

Autumn is here and the temperatures are falling, the leaves are falling, the apples are falling, and so are the people! (Statistically, more slips and falls happen in Alberta during the winter months, but then I couldn’t use the ‘fall’ pun!) Trips and falls can happen anywhere, anytime: Whether it’s a garden hose in the yard, the front step of your house, an electrical cord at work, or a hidden patch of ice on the sidewalk.

So after you get back up and dust yourself off, you may first notice a few bruises, or maybe a scrape or two.   Even if there are no outward signs of injury, it is very likely that you have jarred one or more spinal joints – and it is worth your while to get them checked out and corrected if necessary.  In fact, in my experience people tend to do more damage to their spinal joints when they ‘almost’ fall but catch themselves before they hit the ground – so don’t assume that because there was no impact there is no injury!

Here’s a concise little article that discusses a few common characteristics of slips and falls and how they can be prevented.  Mostly the solutions are common sense: Pick up the clutter, repair uneven surfaces, wipe up spills immediately.  Beyond that, a little bit of extra care and attention will go a long way.

Of course, not all  slips and falls can be prevented – so when it does happen to you, make sure you visit a chiropractor to fix up those jarred and irritated joints.


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