Your funny bone isn’t very funny, and it’s not a bone either!

If you’re like most people, you have had the unfortunate experience of hitting your funny bone: that sensitive little spot right near your elbow that you didn’t know was there until you smacked it!  The resulting sensation was anything but funny!  You felt an electric shock running down your forearm into the last two fingers of your hand, and an intense tingly or numbing sensation.  The pain was extreme, and your whole arm suddenly went weak.  You shook your arm vigorously, desperately hoping it would help the pain, but all you could really do was wait it out, not sure whether to laugh or cry!

Fortunately, the effects of hitting your funny bone are usually temporary, but what you have just experienced is typical nerve pain.  That’s right – your funny bone is actually the ulnar nerve which is located near the surface of your elbow and is relatively unprotected.  With just the right (or wrong) impact, the ulnar nerve gets very angry.  Weakness, numbness, tingling, intense pain, and electric shock-like sensations are all symptoms of irritated nerves. And these sensations are not limited to the funny bone!  Most of your other nerves are buried deeper, but if the aggravating culprit is inside your body (such as an inflamed joint or bulging disc) instead of outside your body (like the corner of the desk you just slammed your elbow into) then the same process occurs.  Just ask anyone who has had a bad case of sciatica, (stay tuned next month for a blog post on that topic) and they will describe the same symptoms as hitting your funny bone, only they last for days or weeks instead of seconds or minutes!

So if you are feeling weakness, numbness, tingling, or electric shock sensations in your neck, head, back, legs, shoulders, arms…or really ANYWHERE, give me a call.  Chances are I can relieve the problematic nerve and get you out of pain! …unless it actually IS your funny bone, and then you’ll just have to laugh it off!

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