Is your headache a pain in the neck?

If you’re like most people, you have probably labeled many things as a “pain in the neck”! Maybe your kids, your spouse, your job, taking out the garbage, or doing the dishes. But what about headaches? Have you ever considered that your headache might just be a pain in the neck too?

Headaches are complicated, and can have literally thousands of causes, from microscopic nutrient deficiencies to blunt force trauma! Migraine headaches, cluster headaches, tension headaches, cervicogenic headaches, and the list goes on! The good news is that most headaches will respond favorably to chiropractic. Particularly cervicogenic headaches. And that is the topic of today’s post.


A cervicogenic (SERVE – i – ko – JEN- ick) headache, by definition, is one that begins in the small joints at the back of your neck. Irritation around these joints can cause disturbance in the nerves which lead up into your head.  A typical pain pattern for these headaches is pain radiating from the base of the skull, up around the head towards the front, ending somewhere behind your eye. This is usually just on one side of the head, and is often so intense that you can feel the exact pathway of the painful sensation, and it may make you squint or twitch your eye on that side. Because of its origin in the neck, this type of headache responds extremely well to chiropractic treatment.  Often it only takes one visit to get relief from this pain, but usually two or three visits to resolve it completely.

It’s highly unlikely that your kids, your spouse, your job, taking out the garbage or doing the dishes are literally a pain in the neck, but your headache certainly can be!

So, before you reach for a painkiller, reach for the phone and call us -or just walk in- and say goodbye to your headache!

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