Hurts So Good!

Ever had a really good therapeutic massage?  Here’s how you can tell… it usually hurts!  That’s right, in order for the therapist to truly work out some of those muscle knots and give a healing release of the soft tissues, there will be a certain amount of pain involved.  Not unbearable, not a crazy – rip-the-upholstery-off-the-massage-table kind of pain, but more like a John Cougar Mellencamp “Hurts So Good” kind of pain!  It’s not just about really deep pressure, but the right amount of pressure skillfully applied to the right area.

I’ve had two different kinds of massage experiences: one where I was lulled to sleep with the gentle rubbing where I felt peaceful and relaxed, and the other where I found myself cringing on the table as the therapist brought me to the limits of my tolerance.  Guess which one had positive benefits for the rest of the week?  Well, the relaxing spa treatment felt nice, but half an hour later, I felt just the same as when I started.  After the deep massage on the other hand, I felt great for several days.  A little bit of pain was a good exchange for some lasting results!  Muscles that were very tight before were much more pliable.

Relaxation massage certainly has its place.  Sometimes that is just what I want (and it is ALWAYS what my wife chooses!) – but effective therapy comes with a little more discomfort.  Maybe the saying, “no pain, no gain” is actually true in this case.

All kidding aside, Felicity Weymer gives the best therapeutic massages I have ever had.  Period.  She has incredible skill, and knows how much pressure to use and where to use it.  I for one am very glad to have Felicity here at Family Chiropractic!

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3 Responses to Hurts So Good!

  1. Christine says:

    I looove Felicity! She definitely knows her stuff and always seems to remember various muscle aches I’ve had in the past even when I have forgotten! It definitely helps! I’m looking forward to when I can book an appointment and not worry about inducing labour and experience that ‘good’ kind of hurt!

  2. Dr. Wayne Smith says:

    I totally agree, Christine… Felicity is one in a million!

  3. Felicity says:

    Thank you guys, your making me smile 🙂

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