Laser for Elbow Pain

elbow-painIf you have elbow pain, there is a good chance you have either tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. As I discussed in a previous post, you can get these injuries without participating in either sport.

Both conditions involve tiny injuries to the tendons around your elbow. Sometimes it is just an inflammatory process from overuse, and other times there are some actual tears in the tissue fibers. In either case, the result is pain, especially with certain movements of the elbow.

Traditional chiropractic joint manipulation is not helpful for these conditions, but laser therapy is extremely useful. You see, when the tissue is injured in this manner, it takes the body a LONG time to heal. One reason is that there is poor blood supply in the elbow region – so it takes longer for the body to get the proper quantities of nutrients to the area to begin the healing process. Another factor is that most people are continually using their elbows throughout the day, re-aggravating the problem before it is fully healed.

Laser bypasses the body’s regular healing process in a way, because it delivers raw energy directly to the cells in a form that is immediately usable to them. The result is accelerated healing time, with long lasting results. In my experience with elbows, most patients require less than six treatments for full resolution of their symptoms.
So if you have elbow pain, don’t wait for it to go away by itself… come in and get some relief today! (Click here for more information about our laser therapy)

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