Laser for Sciatic

Sciatic nerve pain – and various other types of nerve pain for that matter- can be very difficult to treat.  As I have explained in earlier posts this month, the main goal of chiropractic in these cases is to lessen the irritation of soft tissues on the ultra-sensitive nerve tissue.  In many cases, adjusting the spinal joints will accomplish just that.  Sometimes a person will benefit greatly from massage therapy or specific stretches and exercises to help heal the offending tissue.  Another strategy that can be beneficial is laser therapy.  By speeding up the healing process at the cellular level, laser therapy can succeed where many other treatments have failed.

MedX Laser TherapyLaser therapy uses specific wavelengths of light which penetrate deeply into the muscles, joints, bones, discs, and so on to make a big change.  The best part is that laser if fast, painless and extremely safe!  If you have tried other therapies for your sciatic nerve pain or lower back pain and have not had success, I encourage you to give it a try.  I have been using laser therapy for more than 5 years on hundreds of patients with amazing results.
Get some pain relief today!

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