Laser for Knees?

In a previous post I touched on the problem of arthritis in the knees.  I wanted to post a testimonial from one of my patients about how well laser therapy worked for her.  Like most people who try laser for the first time, Patricia was skeptical that it would work – after all, it’s just light!  But the results speak for themselves:

“After the first treatment I felt like I slept really well that night.  The next day and second treatment was again a surprise as I could tell I had less pain and again slept well.  The third treatment really made me aware of the lessening of the pain.  I was able to walk straighter, not so much side to side.  After six treatments the difference is great.  I have fewer leg cramps and my knees feel stronger with way less pain.  I can climb stairs and don’t feel like my knees are going to give out.”
~ Patricia McKinnon,  Stettler.

So here is the real question: Are you a future former skeptic of laser therapy?

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