A Little Goes a Long Way…

This year I planted a vegetable garden, including several rows of carrots.  To grow carrots effectively, you normally seed quite heavily, and then early in the growing season when the seeds have sprouted and are a few inches tall, you go through and thin them.  In other words, you choose which plants you want to develop into full grown carrots, and pull out everything else in between.  For a beginner, this is a scary process, because you end up pulling up MOST of the seedlings, and leaving only a few spindly plants spaced an inch or so apart.  It actually looks a little pathetic as soon as you have finished the job.  But those remaining spindly carrot seedlings now have room to grow.  They can expand in all directions without being crowded by their neighbours, and grow into nice large, healthy vegetables.

carrotsWell, I’m afraid I have neglected my garden this year, and some of the carrots did not get thinned when they should have.  The result?  Lots of little carrots that can’t grow any larger because they are too close together, and lots of carrots that have twisted themselves around each other.  Have you ever tried to peel a carrot like that?!!

The thinning task at the beginning of the season is so easy to do.  The roots are so tiny that it takes almost no effort to pull up the individual plants.  But that small amount of effort makes a HUGE difference just a few months later.

Some people wonder why I would want to do a chiropractic treatment on children.  The answer is that kids are a lot like carrot gardens.  A little bit of work early on can make a huge difference later.  You don’t need to wait until your child has some kind of major trauma or noticeable problem.  Kids have plenty of things that happen to them every day that could warrant a quick check-up.  The adjustments that I do on children are so small and so gentle, that at they may seem insignificant to an observer.  How can such a little thing make any difference?  But if the small things are addressed early on, they never have a chance to develop into crazy twisted things!

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