Is Your Headache Really a Neck Problem?

Have you ever had a headache where the pain feels like it’s coming from the base of your skull and then wrapping around to behind your eye? This kind of pain pattern is usually just on one side of the head and it is almost always caused by restriction in your neck.

Unlike many headaches that originate from pain-sensitive tissue inside your head itself, cervicogenic headaches arise form irritations in the neck which cause a radiating pattern of nerve pain into the head. So, the quickest way to get rid of this kind of headache is to leave the head alone and work on the joints and muscles of the neck. Most people that come to me with this kind of headache get INSTANT relief after a neck adjustment. Often the neck problem has been building for a while though, so they typically need a few more treatments later on to prevent the neck problem from creating another headache.

If you have a pain pattern like I described, I bet you will also discover some really tender spots on the back of your neck on the same side as the pain. If so, get an adjustment right away. There’s no need to spend any more time in pain – get better today!

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