Nerve Pain

If you have ever bumped your funny bone then you have experienced nerve pain… at least to a small degree.  And you have also had a small glimpse of the wide range of symptoms that nerve pain produces.  When you bump your elbow, you usually initially feel a sudden electric-like jolt down to the tips of your fingers.  This is followed by an intense numbness and tingling sensation and then subsides into a deep dull ache.  None of these experiences are pleasant, but they illustrate some of the wide variety of symptoms that result from irritated nerves.  Nerve tissue is extremely sensitive to pressure and irritation.  Not just the nerve tissue near your elbow, but all throughout your body, especially near the spinal joints.  The small trauma of bumping your elbow on a hard surface can leave some lingering symptoms for several hours, but in the case of sciatica or other, deeper nerve irritation, the symptoms are much longer lasting.  This is because the source of irritation is not here and gone again in an instant, but remains and continues to aggravate.

Over the next few weeks, I will discuss more topics related to nerve pain and how you can get relief!


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