New Year’s Resolutions?

A lot has been said on this particular topic, and I’m sure you have read and heard many different views.  Have people given up on the idea of New Year goal setting?  I read somewhere that most resolutions are abandoned by mid February.  I think this is not because the concept is bad… (When is goal-setting EVER a bad idea?) but because people put too high of expectations on themselves!  We can’t change everything all at once, and to try to do so is destined for failure.  Instead, choose one or two things that you realistically CAN change, and work on those.  I personally think that three New Year’s Resolutions is plenty – more than that is probably setting yourself up for disappointment.  Here’s a helpful tip: before you finalize your new goals, write down everything you have accomplished in 2012.  I did this recently, and found it very invigorating!  I actually surprised myself by the number of things that I was able to accomplish last year!  Starting off from a realization of what you have already accomplished can, if used correctly, help to springboard you on to further success.
If you do decide on some resolutions for 2013, give yourself a head start by doing the following:
1. Make it realistic – Ask yourself, “Is this actually an achievable goal for me, or is it just a idealistic dream?”
2. Make it measurable – “I will lose 15 pounds by December 31, 2013” is much better than “I want to lose weight”
3. Make it yours – You can accomplish just about anything if you want it badly enough.  So how much do YOU want it?

And since this is a chiropractic blog, may I recommend that one of your resolutions have something to do with your physical health?  I can help you with pain relief, but the lifestyle changes are up to you!

I look forward to serving you in 2013!

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