New Mother Pain Migration

breastfeedingIf you were unlucky enough to have low back pain during the later stages of your pregnancy, there is good news with the birth of your new baby:  Most of the time, that low back pain disappears.  Unfortunately, chances are that pain will re-appear in your neck, shoulders and upper back!  Here’s why:

Your center of gravity returns to normal, and you are no longer carrying the weight of pregnancy in your uterus – instead, you are carrying the weight of your infant with your arms and shoulders.  You will have many sleepless nights tending to your new baby, and consequently you will fall asleep while nursing or bottle feeding while sitting in a chair.  This will cause strain on your neck and lead to irritable pain.  Spending many hours holding your infant with your head tilted down also aggravates this problem.  Add to that the extra strain from lifting bulky car seats in and out of vehicles and lifting your baby in and out of cribs and highchairs.

All of these things take their toll on your neck and upper back.  So you will want to come in and get things loosened up so that you can continue your daily routine and the demanding responsibilities of motherhood.  Oh, and don’t worry about having to bring your infant with you… We love babies here, and Mary Jane has the magic touch to keep your infant happy during your treatment if necessary.  It’s also a great idea to have your newborn checked out for any spinal restriction… but that is a topic for another post!


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