Pillow Talk

One of the reasons I went to see a chiropractor for the first time when I was 22 years old was for neck pain.  The treatments I was getting were fantastic, and I always felt much better after each visit.  But over time I realized that something was happening between visits that was undoing all the great work that my chiropractor was doing.  He suggested that I evaluate my current pillow situation.  Having the proper support while you sleep is essential- and I, like most people, hadn’t given it much thought.  Funny how we wouldn’t sit in an uncomfortable chair for more than a few minutes, and yet most of us sleep for hours at a time on a terrible pillow.  What are YOU sleeping on?  Are you still using that pillow you got from Walmart ten years ago for five dollars?  Or maybe the sad-looking feather pillow you inherited from your parents that you have to constantly fluff up each night, or roll into a ball to support your neck!  I realized that my pillow at the time was awful – and that it was probably a major cause of my neck pain.

That is how my search for pillows began.

Over the years I tried many different designs – all sorts of funky shapes and sizes and contours.  Typically, a new pillow would relieve my neck stiffness for a few weeks, and then I would be right back to where I started.  I once used a pillow that had different shaped zones on it – I was supposed to put my head in the middle of the pillow for sleeping on my back and switch to the sides of the pillow for sleeping on my side.  It sounded great in theory, but I couldn’t train myself to move my head to the appropriate zone while I changed positions in my sleep!  I often found myself waking up with a sore neck from sleeping in the wrong zone.

All that changed when I found the Chiroflow water-based pillow.  The design is simple, but elegant.  The top of the pillow is like any other, a fibre-filled soft cushion, but underneath is the magic:  There is a durable bladder wrapped in an insulating layer that you fill with ordinary tap water.  The water provides the support and the pillow top gives the comfort.  Because the water can flow according to the shape of your head and neck it automatically creates a customized support for you.  Different support is required when sleeping on your side compared to sleeping on your back, and a rigid pillow cannot do well with both positions.
After a short time using the Chiroflow pillow, I knew I had hit the jackpot!  Of course I still see a chiropractor regularly, but my neck pain is DRAMATICALLY better.

If you have been to my clinic, you will notice that I sell a very small selection of products.  I won’t sell something that I don’t believe in, or that I don’t use myself.  So the Chiroflow pillow is one of the few products that has been sold at my clinic since the day I opened my doors 8 years ago, and continues to be a best-seller.  Now, this particular pillow is not the answer for everyone – but it has worked great for me, and for nearly two hundred of my patients!

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