Pregnancy Pain

My hat goes off to women who sacrifice their own body to bring children into this world.  My wife has been through the process five times, and I’ve decided that I’m glad that I never have to be pregnant!  First she felt nauseous 24-7 for three months, and although she didn’t look sick, she sure felt it.  Then came some weird cravings and hypersensitivity to certain smells.  There is a brand of deodorant that she still won’t let me wear!  Next came the stage where her clothes didn’t fit properly anymore, but maternity clothes were too big.  Finding a comfortable sleeping position was also a huge problem, and I now had to share the bed with my wife AND a giant body pillow.  When her belly button disappeared and she started bumping her belly into things, she also started to get some low back, hip and leg pain.  And then after 40 long weeks came the delivery… but we’ll save that story for another time!

With all of the physical (and hormonal) changes that take place during pregnancy, it’s no wonder that many women experience significant pain and discomfort.  Chiropractic care is beneficial during most stages of life, and pregnancy is very high on that list!  It’s important to keep up with the changes that are happening to the joints and muscles to prevent some of the pain.  Back pain and sciatic pain during pregnancy are extremely common, and usually easily to treat.  I have worked with dozens of women throughout their entire pregnancy helping to eliminate pain. I have specialized pillows and equipment to allow them to be comfortable during the adjustment even when they are nearing full-term.  A father-to-be that I talked to recently expressed surprise that his wife would benefit from chiropractic care before giving birth.  Somewhere the couple had gotten the false information that chiropractic treatment could not be given during pregnancy.  I assured him that not only is it safe, but extremely helpful to keep the mother’s spine, pelvis, and nervous system in good shape – in preparation for the most amazing, miraculous and potentially traumatic moment in a woman’s life – the delivery of her new baby.

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