Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Can chiropractic help with pregnancy?

Consider first that a primary goal of chiropractic is to relieve and correct stress on the spine and ensure appropriate motion of the joints.  Consider also the dramatic physical changes that take place over the course of a pregnancy which change the center of gravity for a woman and create new stresses to which her body must continually compensate.  Throw in some extra hormones and the fact that the new life inside her is literally sapping away her nutrients and energy and resources… To me, it sounds like Chiropractic and Pregnancy are a perfect match!

I have treated hundreds of pregnant women throughout my career, and have seen tremendous benefits for them through the process.  Not only do they feel better during what can be some terribly uncomfortable months, but encouraging optimum mobility of the lower spine and pelvis can greatly facilitate the process of labour and delivery when the time comes.

I recommend treatment that corresponds with the frequency of medical doctor visits that you schedule for your pregnancy.  Initially, once a month is appropriate, but as the time of your delivery comes closer, the visits increase in frequency to once every two weeks, then once a week during the final weeks.  I use specialized tools and techniques which allow for comfortable adjusting right up to delivery.

There are lots of painful and uncomfortable things that go along with the process of creating life.  I can’t do much for your morning sickness or your mood swings or emotional challenges, but I can make a big difference with your back pain, sciatic pain, neck pain and general joint pain that plagues you.

Just keep focused on the prize at the end of the journey… your very own precious baby!

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