Put Pain on the Shelf in Two Thousand Twelf!

Yes, I do realize that twelf is not a word…but it’s REALLY hard to come up with something that rhymes with twelve!

January is a great time to reflect on life, and to think about ways we may want to improve.  New Year’s Resolutions sometimes have a bad reputation, simply because our natural inclination is to think that we can change who we are overnight and set too many goals for ourselves and then end up not doing any.

I personally like setting goals…or shall I say my wife LOVES setting goals and she coaxes me into accomplishing a few new things each year.  And so, I personally endorse setting goals…especially if they are ones that get you excited and that will give a great feeling of accomplishment.

So perhaps instead of a lofty goal that you struggle with, start small.  Try this:  Resolve to get rid of pain SOONER.  Remember the last time you hoped that your back pain would just “go away” by itself?  This year you can come in sooner, and save yourself a lot of grief.  Maybe you have stubborn shoulder pain that keeps coming back…or your lower back is getting more and more sore each day…or maybe you have chronic knee pain from an old injury…or you have headaches that keep you from doing what you love.  If you have pain, I can help you get out of it!  Together, we can keep your Get-out-of-Pain-Sooner New Year’s Resolution!

Just today, one of my patients observed and commented that it was pointless to suffer in pain for days (or weeks) when relief can be as simple as a ten-second chiropractic adjustment!  He was definitely on the right track: Coming in sooner = getting better sooner!

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