Do you ever adjust your own back?

Whether you are aware of it or not, your back adjusts itself several times a day!  Your body is built to self-correct and self-heal.  Every time you stand up to stretch and hear those subtle popping and cracking sounds in your spine: that is your body self-correcting.  And while it’s not technically the same as a chiropractic adjustment, it is very similar.  Each time this happens, small restrictions in your spine are loosening up.  Areas that were beginning to get stuck have now become unstuck.  You probably feel a little taller, a little looser, and it feels good!  But there are times when the restrictions in your back become too much for your body to correct on its own – and that is where I come in.  Chiropractic adjustments help your spine to heal.

Here is an illustration we are all familiar with:  When you get a paper cut, usually no intervention is required, and in a few days your finger is as good as new.  If the cut is a little more serious, you may put a band-aid on it.  If it’s really deep you will get some stitches put in.  A chiropractic adjustment is like the band-aid or the stitches since it doesn’t actually heal anything by itself, but it sets the proper stage for your body to do its own self-healing magic!

Some mothers of young children are concerned that when they pick up their toddler they sometimes hear cracking in the little one’s spine, and they fear that something is wrong.  On the contrary, they have just helped their child with their own self-adjusting process.

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