Sleeping Solutions

During the first several weeks after your baby is born, chances are you won’t be getting much sleep!  Your baby, on the other hand, will do a lot of sleeping – which brings up the question: Which sleeping position is best?  Some fear that having baby on her* stomach while sleeping may cause suffocation, and others worry that back sleeping is also dangerous since she could spit up and then choke.  It’s actually very difficult to evaluate the true risks of either position, but no one wants to do anything with an infant that may put her in harm’s way.  In our house, we found that our babies slept in every position.  One liked to be on her back, one wouldn’t sleep unless she was on her stomach, and the last three we usually put on their sides.  We used specially designed wedge-shaped pillows to hold the baby on her side just like the one in the photo. This design includes two wedges connected by a piece of fabric that goes under the baby.  Alternatively, you can just roll up a couple of receiving blankets and place them around your infant to keep her from tipping onto her back or front.  Because babies’ heads are so large in proportion to their body, they don’t need any kind of pillow under their neck or head for a couple of years.  As for your own sleeping comfort, side-lying is a great option too, but you’ll want a good pillow to support your neck, and another between your knees to keep the strain off your hips.  Comfortable sleeping patterns are important for both your baby and yourself to help keep your spines healthy and pain-free!


*I have five daughters (and no sons), which is why I always refer to babies as being female!

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