Small Movement = Big Pain

Sometimes it seems that the most trivial movements create the most debilitating pain!  I’ve heard the scenario hundreds of times:
“I just leaned forward to brush my teeth…”
“I just turned my head to shoulder check…”
“I just sneezed…”
“I was just bending down to pick something up…”
“I was just rolling over in bed…”
“I was just reaching into the back seat of my car…”

None of these movements on their own should be enough to create the kind of pain that I see these patients presenting with – but they did trigger the condition.  You see, with all the stress and strain and movement we do every day, our muscles and joints reach a certain threshold of injury, after which the pain and stiffness erupts.  Small problems build up day after day, without even being noticed by your conscious brain, but with just the wrong movement on top of that, you can be in a world of hurt!

My specialty is getting people out of pain, so if you have reached that threshold yourself, come on in and we’ll get you fixed up.  Then maybe we can talk about how to diffuse the small stuff before it becomes a problem!

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