Small (but important) neck muscles

Is your neck sore?
Press your fingers on either side of the base of your skull, just under the prominent bumps.  You probably noticed a tender spot there, where a group of muscles called the suboccipitals attach to your skull. These small muscles work very hard to stabilize your head, which is kind of a big deal because your head weighs almost as much as a bowling ball!  (and I don’t mean the 5-pin variety)  So it’s no surprise that these overworked muscles can get extra tired if things are just a little bit out of balance.  Gently massaging this area can be quite painful, but can also help to release the tension and pain.  Where there is significant muscle tension, there is almost always underlying joint restriction.  Massage therapists are experts at relieving muscle tension, and chiropractors are experts at relieving joint tension.  Fortunately for you, we offer both services at the clinic!

When I have soreness in this area, I love to have this done:
It’s a simple procedure with the weight of your head doing most of the work, and the practitioner’s fingertips providing the focal point of pressure.  As the muscles relax, your head slowly sinks down into their hands, and there is a big release of tension.

The joints and muscles in this part of the body are particularly important to keep healthy because of their proximity to the brain stem, where many of your vital functions are regulated and coordinated.  Keep this area at the base of your skull in good shape and you can avoid many other potential problems that affect your entire body.

Hmm… now I really want a massage!


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