Something New!

afraid2It’s always scary to try something new, whether that something is your first ride on a big roller coaster, your first day at a new job, or your first visit to a chiropractor.  But if a friend has already done that something (and survived to tell you about it), doesn’t that make it just a little bit easier?

In today’s world with our ultra-connectivity and social networking, most of us consult with our ‘friends’, (whether they be real or virtual) to get advice before trying a new product, going to a new restaurant, watching a new movie, or trying a new doctor, dentist or lawyer.

If you have had a good experience with our services at Family Chiropractic, I invite you to share it with others.  We are always accepting new patients, and your friends deserve to get good quality treatment to help relieve their pain.

Although Alberta’s usage rate for chiropractic services is among the highest anywhere in North America, there is still a large percentage of the population that has never seen a chiropractor.  Your recommendation may just be the difference between a friend suffering through the pain or getting relief!

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