To Be or Not To Be Specific?

… That is the question!

It’s always very important to be specific… except for when it’s not!

If I’m trying to find a certain building, it isn’t terribly helpful to tell me that it is in Calgary.  I would spend a lot of time going up and down the streets before I stumbled upon the place I am looking for.  On the other hand, if you tell me I can find it at 9802 Rocky Ridge Road NW, Calgary, then I will have no problem navigating to the exact location.

Anyone who has ever tried to set goals also knows that you are more likely to succeed when you have a very specific target in mind.  My English professor in University was adamant that I needed to be specific in descriptive writing.

So now that you understand all that… forget it!

How much water will fit?

There are times when it is VERY valuable to be non-specific!
Laser therapy is a non-specific treatment.  What this means is that it doesn’t target just one particular tissue, it affects all of them!  Even with all we know about the human body, it is still actually quite difficult to diagnose EXACTLY which tissue is injured and how badly.  The beautiful thing is that the laser therapy will stimulate all of the tissues that are in its path.  If the tissue is damaged, this extra energy will help to speed up the healing, decrease the inflammation and reduce pain.  If the tissue is not damaged, the energy simply gets dissipated to the surrounding area without any negative side effects.  It’s like the glasses in the photo: you can pour as much water as you want into the top glass, and it will never get fuller than full.  The extra spills out into the glasses below.

So if you have pain, stiffness, inflammation or other problems that aren’t getting better, come fill your glass with some non-specific laser therapy!


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