Ever had some beauties like these?  The first time I ever got stitches was when I knelt on a hidden piece of glass in the sandbox at my elementary school playground. OUCH!

When we get cut deeply enough, accidentally or by a surgical procedure, the wound is sewn together with stitches.  This procedure is hardly a new concept; Stitches of one type or another have been used to sew people up for thousands of years!  But what do stitches actually do?  In truth they serve only one purpose: to hold the edges of the wound close enough together for the body to do what it does naturally.  Your body does all the magic!  It AUTOMATICALLY knows how to heal itself, to grow new tissue in the area, to restructure the collagen fibers, link together muscle cells and generate connective tissue.  It knows how to repair and replace broken blood vessels, to seal off the area and make it like new again.  This process is far more advanced than any medical technology ever invented.  We cannot duplicate it, and only have a basic understanding of the complex interactions involved that make it possible.  Your body is an amazing thing that self-heals and self-corrects.  Thousands of systems and processes are going on simultaneously every second of every day.  So as helpful as stitches are – remember that they simply allow your body to do its job properly.  Similarly, as a chiropractor, I don’t actually cure anything – Your body knows how to do that all on its own.  Sometimes it just needs a little help getting the right edges close together!  Removing restrictions and irritations from the spine creates a favorable environment for your body to heal properly.  So when your body is injured, get sewn up or adjusted, and then watch the magic happen!

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