“I have been a regular patient at Family Chiropractic since March of 2010 after incurring my third whiplash injury during a snowboarding accident.  Before coming to this clinic I only sought out chiropractic therapy as a last resort.  Thanks to Dr. Smith, I have learned that regular therapy can actually keep me on track and I am no longer afraid of having my neck adjusted as he has made me a lot more comfortable with it!  My massage therapist tells me my spine looks a lot better now than 6 months ago, and I can make it through a whole day, sometimes a whole week without one headache! Thanks for all of your help Dr. Smith, and Mary Jane for being so wonderful and always fitting me into your busy schedule.  I sincerely appreciate everything you have done to help me so I can continue being active!”
~Tersha Stevens, Stettler

“As a migraine sufferer, I have been getting chiropractic treatments since I was six years old.  From my personal experience, I’ve found that it isn’t always easy to find a chiropractor that is best suited to you.  About four years ago I began coming to Family Chiropractic and haven’t gone anywhere else since.  The clinic is always a very welcoming environment and I look forward to the warm smiles and cheery attitudes of Mary Jane and Dr. Smith at each visit.  From day one it felt like I had been a patient there for years.  When I first started seeing Dr. Smith, I was in quite a bit of pain with my neck, back and hips, and was suffering from regular migraines.  I went in, got the necessary adjustments for about 2 or 3 weeks and after I began feeling better, I quit going.  Quite a few months later I returned as I was once again in a considerable amount of pain and the headaches were back.  Dr. Smith explained to me that the pattern I was following was quite common and that most people do not realize that by visiting a chiropractor on a more regular basis that you are saving yourself time, money and most importantly, health problems in the future.  I now visit every three weeks for an adjustment and have noticed a world of difference!  My headaches are not only few and far between, but I feel better in general.  I sincerely appreciate everything Dr. Smith and Mary Jane have done for me from my regular scheduled appointments to squeezing me in for those last minute chiropractic “emergencies”.  I have recommended Family Chiropractic to many friends and family and will definitely continue to do so!!”
~Vanissa Trout, Stettler

“In the past I’ve dealt with discomfort in my neck and shoulders, sometimes leading to headaches or migraines.  I’ve relied on chiropractic treatments for years to help manage this successfully.  Dr. Smith and the staff at Family Chiropractic have been very accommodating, scheduling appointments at times that work for me – even the occasional walk-in appointment.”  ~Kyle Larsen, Stettler

“My husband and I are expecting in a few weeks.  This will be our third child in three years, so my body has had little time to recover between pregnancies.  Around 28 weeks, my lower back was causing me a great deal of pain, and I was really struggling with daily activity.  My mom suggested going to Dr. Smith for an adjustment.  With some persuasion, I was convinced.  Dr. Smith and his staff were so kind and informative, I wasn’t even worried.  Even after one adjustment I felt relief.  Now at 37 weeks, I have had very minimal discomfort and pain.  I would highly recommend these treatments to any woman expecting a child.  Thank you Dr. Smith and staff.”
~Kelsey McNeill, Stettler

“I supervise completions in the oilfield. Unfortunately, this means a lot of time sitting in front of a computer and lots of driving. This often leaves my back all kinked up. I have a very abnormal work schedule which makes it difficult to book appointments. Family Chiropractic always gets me in on very little or no notice, which is hard to find service like that. The staff is always friendly and courteous and I always leave feeling better than when I walked in. I have also had success with laser treatments on a shoulder injury.”
~Brian Gonda, Tees

“After the birth of my daughter I had tremendous pain throughout my hip and legs. Hesitant to visit a chiropractor for the first time, I waited and waited, hoping the pain would subside on its own. When the pain grew worse, I finally booked an appointment with Dr. Smith, who came highly recommended to me. I discussed my concerns with him; he quickly and calmly addressed my issues. His calm demeanor and vast knowledge has, from the very start, made me feel very comfortable. After only a few treatments I am almost completely pain-free. I cannot believe how quickly and painlessly he was able to transform my life. My only regret is that I waited so long to see Dr. Smith. I feel like a brand-new person, thanks to Dr. Smith. Furthermore, Mary Jane is the most cheerful, happy-to-help person I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. The office atmosphere is relaxed and friendly; I always look forward to my appointments. It’s such a rarity to find such genuinely nice, happy people. And they’re all in this office.”
~Alison Ball, Stettler

“I’ve been a patient at Family Chiropractic since 2005 for chronic neck and shoulder pain. They have always been very accommodating and committed to providing me with the best care possible. Through regular visits and maintenance, I have achieved a level of health far better than when I first stepped through their doors. I recommend Family Chiropractic to anyone who may be suffering with either small annoyances or chronic pain, young and old alike.”
~Cindy Liebe, Stettler

“The atmosphere in the office of Family Chiropractic makes it easy to attend.  While going in is relaxed, coming out is even better!  In the case of my severe headaches I have been able to receive almost instant relief with chiropractic treatment by Dr. Smith.  With the same type of treatments I have been able to have my extreme back pain greatly eased.  I have been most pleased with my care and would recommend Dr. Smith and his office to anyone suffering similar symptoms.”
~Russell Johnston, Stettler