The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back

As far as I know, camels are pretty tough creatures.  They can withstand ridiculous heat, desert sandstorms and drought.  They have been used for centuries as pack animals because of their strength and resilience.  Theoretically though, at least according to this phrase, it is possible to load up a camel with so much straw that the addition of only one more will break it’s back.  I don’t know if this theory has ever been tested on a real camel, but it gets tested on people…  A lot!  We do it to ourselves, only we don’t usually end up with a broken back, and we don’t pile on the straw all at once.  Instead, we carry a bale or two each day, and then set it down at night.  It seems harmless enough, but then we do it again the next day, and the next, and the next, and the next…  So the overload of our straw is not in volume, but in repetition.  The small, repetitive movements we make over time have the same effect as the small straws placed one at a time on the camel.  Eventually, our back can’t handle any more and it collapses!

Okay… so maybe collapse is a dramatic word, but you get the idea!
So what can be done?  How do you avoid the pain of the compromised back?  Change it up!  Instead of doing the same task the same way every time, see if there is a different way to do it.  Even small alterations can be enough to disrupt the painful pattern.  Moving your body in different ways will recruit different muscle groups and engage different joint surfaces.  This is one way to eliminate repetitive stress.  Here’s another crazy idea – go to a chiropractor!  Unload some of that straw before it becomes too much!  I go to a chiropractor every three weeks to get rid of my excess straw, and that works very well for me.  What do you do?

Is your camel getting overloaded?

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