Tired and Run-Down?

I tend to leave my computer turned on for days at a time.  I often have several projects on the go at once, and it doesn’t make sense to keep turning it off and on all the time.  However, after a while it starts to get sluggish, becomes slow and sometimes even freezes up.  it plods along, partly because there are dozens of programs running in the background that are no longer necessary, but never stopped.
Does your life ever feel like that?  You never seem to get a chance to shut down and purge all that unnecessary traffic?  You start to get really worn down and experience general fatigue without quite understanding why?  You keep plodding along, and since you don’t have any specific, sharp pain that would normally send you running for a solution, you just deal with it and carry on?  This fatigue can be even more dangerous than the sudden pain you sometimes get, because since it is in the background, you are less likely to do anything about it.
Just like restarting your computer when it gets slow, getting a chiropractic adjustment when you are feeling fatigued can be just what you need to clear away the clutter and get you feeling back to normal again.

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