Tree-ting Kids

The only way to braid a tree like this is to start when the stems are very young and pliable.  At that time, it is easy to twist them around each other.  But now imagine trying to straighten a tree like this after it has grown for a few years!  It simply cannot be done because the trunks have hardened into the twisted shapes.
Changing the the direction of a growing tree is a simple task when it is still a tender sapling. Tiny modifications early will result in big changes later on.  In the case of this tree, the goal is to twist the young trunks into interesting looking shapes.  In the case of children, the goal of chiropractic treatment is to keep the natural spinal curves and encourage healthy joint mobility.  Young spines are subjected to a significant amount of abuse.  Toddlers are notorious for climbing and falling and tumbling around.  When kids get older they start to get involved in sports and other strenuous physical activities. The bottom line is there are thousands of ways kids can get hurt and experience pain.  Most of the time, their bodies figure out how to sort things out on there own, but if your youngster complains about back pain, neck pain or headaches, take them seriously and investigate!  Just like the young trees, treatment on a young person is very simple, but can have long lasting effects as their bodies grow and mature.  I use different techniques if I am treating a 3 week old or a 5 year old or a 14 year old, but the same principles of therapy apply: Keep the joints moving and the rest takes care of itself!

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