Trouble Shoulder Checking When You Drive?

It has happened to almost everyone.  You are feeling pretty good – no real aches and pains that you are aware of, and you are driving to work or school or home.  Being the good driver that you are, you shoulder check, but realize your head won’t turn as far as it should, and you have to twist your body to see far enough.  Or worse, you have a stabbing or aching pain beneath your shoulder blade when you turn your head. Ouch!  You turn the other direction, and it doesn’t hurt as much, but it’s still there.  Here is my advice:  Go directly to the nearest chiropractor and get it checked out.  If you come to Family Chiropractic, I can probably get you in immediately… without an appointment.  The sooner you get this irritation fixed, the sooner you can carry on with your life as usual.  Sometimes the problem is in the neck, sometimes it is in your upper back, and other times it is where the ribs attach to the spine near your shoulder.  In any case, this type of joint irritation rarely goes away on its own.  Instead, the muscles and joints around the area compensate for the injury.  Eventually the pain subsides, but you are left with a hidden joint problem and less mobility in your neck and shoulder.  It’s much better to get the area addressed early on to mobilize the restricted joints and allow the tissues to heal properly.  I see this problem at least once every day in my clinic- and the patients who first noticed the pain that day or the day before get better very quickly.  The ones who wait a week or two aren’t so lucky!

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