Give Your Spine a Valentine!

The origins of Valentine’s Day are obscure at best; however what we are left with is a holiday in which we express love and appreciation for others.

We send flowers and chocolates to our spouses and significant others, we scour the greeting card section to find that one special message in the sea of red hearts.

But this tradition of giving is not limited to the objects of our romantic affection; we give to just about anyone!  Children hand out valentines to their teachers and classmates, and near strangers are the givers and recipients of assorted candies.

This year don’t forget to express appreciation to your most intimate companion: your spine!  Think of all the good that your spine does for you:  It is fiercely loyal, sticking with you 24-7 for your whole life.  It supports you through the good times and the bad.  When you get knocked down, it helps you stand up again.  It also allows you to be flexible, but not spineless.  But just like anyone you spend a lot of time with, sometimes it gets on your nerves – and that can be a painful experience!  With all that is demanded of your spine, it’s surprising how well it holds out!  Is there anyone else in your life that would put up with so much abuse and still support you? Maybe your spine deserves a valentine – but instead of sending your spine flowers, chocolates, or a special card, send it to the chiropractor.

Reward it for all of the hard work it does for you.  Help it to get loosened up and relaxed.  Especially if it is hurting.

This small token of appreciation may be just the thing that the two of you need to ensure a long and happy relationship!

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