Walk-in Patients

You may have noticed on my website or on the front of my clinic, a sign that says “Walk-in Patients Welcome”.  You know, I really do mean that – walk in patients are welcome!  And here is why:

I have had several experiences where I have been in pain, whether it was neck pain or back pain, and I was not able to get an appointment with anyone that day.  This was very frustrating to me – and I’m sure you can relate if you have ever been in a similar situation.  All you want is to get rid of the pain… right away!  So, when I became a chiropractor, easy access to appointments was a priority for me.  I wanted to make sure that people didn’t have to wait too long to see me!  I specifically designed my schedule to allow for walk-in visits, same-day appointments, and new patients.  If you are hurting today, and you want treatment today, I will do everything I can to make that happen.  That is my commitment to you – because I really believe that if you are hurting, you shouldn’t have to wait to get something done about it!

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