Walk In?

One thing I have always tried to do with my clinic is give people the treatment they need, WHEN they need it!  I’ve organized my appointment booking slots to allow for last-minute changes and unscheduled visits.  This works well for emergency treatments, and people who don’t have predictable schedules.  Every day I have several patients come for treatment unannounced –  sometimes they are regular patients that I have seen before, and sometimes they see me for the first time.  I also get lots of people who are just passing through but have pain that just can’t wait.  Just today someone came to me from another town.  She sees her chiropractor at home regularly, and even has an appointment booked with him for later in the week, but she was in the area and her back was hurting, so she came to see me.  I am very happy to provide this service for people, because that is what I hope someone would be able to do for me if I was hurting!

My absolute favorites are the people who hobble or even crawl in the door in so much pain they can barely walk, and then after the treatment are able to walk again when they leave.  My front window reads: “Walk-in Patients Welcome”, but maybe I should change it to: “Crawl in – Walk out!”

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