What Causes Headaches?

headache 6As I mentioned last time, when you have a headache it’s not actually your brain that hurts, but all the stuff around it. You probably know that there are many types of headaches including migraines, tension-type, cervicogenic, and cluster headaches. I have insulin dependent diabetes, and I occasionally get headaches after my blood sugar has dropped too low and is rapidly rising. Some people seem to be very sensitive to atmospheric pressure fluctuations and get headaches with changing weather. Similarly, others notice that windy days cause headaches for them. My theory is that most headaches ultimately result from pressure changes – whether that is in the pressure of the blood flow changing in the vessels around the brain or physical pressure from swelling tissue. For me the real question then is: What caused the pressure change? Here lies the problem because there are hundreds, if not thousands of ways that pressure (internal or external) can be created. The good news is that many types of headaches respond very well to chiropractic treatment.  The exact mechanism is not entirely understood, but making changes to the joints and soft tissues of the neck help to relieve the pressure. I’ve had several headache patients come to me after exhausting every other remedy they could find, and then noticed almost immediate relief with chiropractic care.

Here’s just one small example:
“I started getting excessive pain in my shoulders and especially my neck.  I left it for too long and started getting major headaches.  I came to see Dr. Smith and after one session my headache was gone for 3 days.  With consistent treatment my headaches are gone.” ~Melody Spencer

If you have been getting headaches and haven’t found a good solution, try chiropractic!

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