World Happy Day

The main goal I have for my patients is to get them out of pain.  If I can get you feeling better fast and out the door, I’ve done my job.  But in addition to pain relief, I decided to throw in a little happiness as well – so I have something to share with all of you!

Through an emerging field of study called Positive Psychology, researchers have not only been able to measure people’s levels of happiness, but also discover ways to improve it!  Simple, practical things that can help you with a sense of satisfaction and well-being in your life.  Isn’t that what we are all searching for anyway?  Some of the leading minds in the field have shared their knowledge in a Hollywood produced documentary entitled “Happy“, and I have the unique opportunity to share this movie with you!  February 11, 2012 has been proclaimed World Happy Day, and hundreds of locations around the world will be showing this film on that day.  I wanted to share this with my community, so I applied for screening permission, and am pleased to announce that I will be showing the film at the Ramada in Stettler at 2:00 pm (Feb 11).  I decided not to charge admission for the show, and the Ramada has graciously donated their conference room for this purpose.  As it turns out, Stettler is the only place in central Alberta you will be able to see this film, so make sure you grab a seat before they are gone!  Happy is truly an inspirational movie, and you are sure to walk away with some new perspectives on your own life, and some ideas about what you can do to increase your own happiness level.  Who DOESN’T want to be happier?  Did you know that happy people live longer, and are healthier?  You may be surprised to find out what impact your circumstances, your genes and your specific activities have on your overall level of happiness.

If you are not able to join us on Feb 11, don’t despair!  There will likely be future opportunities to watch the film.  In addition, I am now involved with a company who is set to release a curriculum of “happy classes” – interactive workshops to help people identify true sources of happiness.  I plan on teaching these classes later in the year… so stay tuned for that announcement.  In the meantime, join me at the showing of happy on Feb 11, and be a part of this global event!  (For more details, click here)
A happier world begins with you!

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