Yard Work

Ah yes, spring is in the air… the weather is getting warmer (at least until Victoria Day, when it will inevitably snow!) and the outdoors are calling.  Fortunately, there is practically nothing that needs to be done to your yard…  Nothing but a little bit of de-thatching, mowing, raking, weeding, planting, fertilizing, watering, clipping, trimming, pruning and tilling!

There are lots of ways to hurt yourself while doing yard work.  Mine started early this year:  I have a very reliable lawnmower that takes only one or two pulls to get it started for the first time.  This year it took me about forty…

Always check to make sure there is gas in your mower first!

Needless to say I broke into quite a sweat, bruised my ego, and had some sore shoulder muscles the next day.  (I could have sworn there was gas in that sucker!)  It only took two pulls after adding the fuel.

Another culprit of yard work pain is bending over, especially when you stay in the bent position for long periods of time.  If you know you have lots of work to do in a flower bed for example, consider kneeling on a foam pad or sitting on a small stool while you work.

It’s great to be active and working in the yard, but pace yourself.  Some of us have been sitting around all winter and then decide to take on a huge yard project all at once.  Know your limitations and don’t overdo it!  After all, having a healthy, pain-free back is much more important than a perfectly manicured yard.

And if you’ve already messed things up with your back – (or your shoulder!) come on by and I’ll try to make it right!

p.s. Have you seen this commercial yet?  I love it!

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  1. Stacey says:

    LOL! Thanks for the gas tip! And the stool, would not have thought that one on my own.

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